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Our golf carts

Ride around our award-winning course in style and comfort. SentryWorld features a fleet of Club Car™ Precedent™ models—all equipped with cutting-edge Visage™ GPS technology. Whether you’re trying to decide which club to use, wanting to see what’s on the other side of a hazard, or simply looking for a smooth ride, our golf carts provide the modern technology and ease you’d expect from a destination golf course.
Golf Cart Golf Cart

Club Car Precedent golf carts

Enjoy state-of-the-art technology with easy-to-use GPS navigation offering precise yardage to the pin or hazards, interactive hole-by-hole flyovers, in-car food and beverage ordering capabilities, and one-touch contact with the pro shop—all without leaving your seat.
Solorider Golf Carts Solorider Golf Cart

SoloRider™ golf carts

Our SoloRider GPS-enabled, single-rider golf carts are handicap accessible and serve seniors, disabled individuals, wounded veterans, or others with mobility challenges that might otherwise make golf unplayable. SoloRiders are ADA compliant and feature a swivel seat with stand-up mechanism, bilateral ergonomic hand controls, and custom-designed suspension.