Bean Bag Toss Bean Bag Toss

Bean bag toss

The smallest games tend to bring out the most competitive energy, don’t they? Getting some friends together for bean bag toss—also known as cornhole—is a great way to stay active throughout the year without needing to invest in a lot of equipment. We’re happy to offer recreational and league bean bag toss here at the SentryWorld Fieldhouse.
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Rent a board and start tossing!
If you’re interested in getting some friends together for bean bag toss at SentryWorld, we suggest you reserve your spot at least a few days in advance. Also, just a reminder to be courteous to your fellow Fieldhouse guests—if you need to cancel your reservation, please do so as soon as possible so other groups have a chance to use the boards. If you have any questions regarding our rates, feel free to give us a call or visit the Fieldhouse rates page.
Learn more about our summer bean bag toss league and other indoor leagues
Join our summer bean bag toss league

Looking for a more competitive bean bag toss experience? Find a teammate and join our summer bean bag toss league. Matches take place on Wednesday evenings—just like our PJ’s Live music series. So you can enjoy some friendly competition, great food, and live music all in one night! 

You’ll find complete league information on our bean bag toss league registration form, located on our Fieldhouse leagues page.